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Chenin blanc (Pineau de la Loire) is used 100% for the still and "Méthodes Traditionelles" Vouvrays. Not much is known about its origin but it has acclimatised so well to the Loire Valley for such a long time that it can be considered as an indigenous variety.
Sauvignon is used for the production of elegant and fruity Touraine Blancs.
Gamay, Côt and Cabernet Franc are required for the blend for the Village Touraine Amboise PDO red and rosé in proportions that can vary from one vineyard to the next. For the Régional Touraine PDO, the blend of the three varieties is not required and each variety can also express its aromatic potential on its own in a bottle.



White grape varieties

Chenin Blanc

Also known as Pineau de la Loire, this vigorous and early white grape variety of the Loire Valley is grown in Touraine and more specifically in Vouvray, but also in the Saumur region and in Anjou. Chenin gives fruity wines whose vivacity contributes to the ageing potential. It can be turned into sparkling or dry, semi-dry or sweet still wines. "Pourriture noble" (dry rot) develops easily on its fruits, giving great dessert wines, characterised by a fine acidity which adds freshness.

Sauvignon Blanc

This white variety is the basis of very aromatic dry wines with hints of boxwood, blackcurrant buds and, depending on the terroir, white flowers and citrus fruits. Very fragile, this variety is very sensitive to the terroir, as well as to the climate. In the Loire valley, it is vinified on its own in most appellations (Touraine, Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, etc.)

Sauvignon Rose

Also known as "Fié gris", this variety, typical of the Loire Valley, has virtually disappeared. After careful vinification, it gives a golden wine with a very clear appearance, round, supple and long on the palate, with unique aromas of beeswax and light notes of muscat.

Red varieties

Cabernet Franc

This is a black variety native to the Bordeaux region and grown all over the world. In the Loire Valley, it is called "Breton". Often vinified on its own, it gives many Touraine wines their character (Chinon, Bourgueil, etc.). This variety is the basis of moderately tannic and very fragrant red and rosé wines, reminiscent of raspberries and violets.


Also known as Malbec this black variety from the southwest of France has become the main red variety in Argentina. In Touraine, Malbec is called Côt. It is vinified on its own, or blended with Gamay or Cabernet. It gives colourful, aromatic and structured wines.


Particularly common in Beaujolais and in Touraine, this black variety gives a fruity, easy-drinking wine with a pleasant liveliness, most often with short or medium keeping potential. It can be surprising and original when it is blended with Cabernet or Côt.

Pineau d’Aunis

Black variety of the Loire Valley, this variety produced wines with little colour and peppery aromas which were once popular among the kings of France and of England. It has been partly replaced by Cabernet Franc but still features in some red and rosé blended wines in Touraine.

Pinot Noir

This black variety is the basis of some great Burgundy wines. Not very productive but of a very high quality, it gives wines with a beautiful, if not very intense, colour. Their bouquet of morello cherry and red and black berries develops over time towards cherry liqueur, game and leather. Its early maturity means that pinot noir produces wines of great finesse.

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