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Le Clos de Nouys

This Domaine run by François Chainier is acknowledged by top professionals in the wine trade. Clos de Nouys is an estate of some twenty hectares planted in the Vouvray appellation, consisting of vines averaging 35 years old.

Already listed on geological maps in 1907, this is one of the oldest wine-making estates in the AOC area - its wines were served on the Normandie transatlantic liner in 1936 and in the world's finest restaurants. Its vine plots were already acknowledged as being some of the best.

Ces solides racines These sturdy roots continue to maintain and further the Clos de Nouys reputation, both locally and further afield, thanks to its impressive record of achievements, based on hard work and the ongoing quest for quality, creativity and innovation. All this with a view to upholding the tradition and quality of our wines…
Different kinds of Vouvrays are grown and vinified at the Clos - dry, semi-dry and sweet

Additional information :
Surface area 20 hectares
Distribution 40% in France, 60% for export
Grape varieties 100% Chenin blanc
Leading countries for Export England, USA, Belgium, Netherlands
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