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A brief overview of Château de Pocé

The superb 15th century building...


Château de Pocé, also called "la Châtellenie" dates back to the 15th century and is set in the municipality of Pocé-sur-Cisse, within the UNESCO world heritage site, a stone's throw from Château d'Amboise. With a corbelled façade, the château's architecture was reworked in the 19th century. It was formerly home to the Jean-Jacques Ducel Art Foundry – the eponymous figure being a very famous smelter and expert in decorative arts - which employed more that 400 workers.

Standing on the north bank of the Loire, Château de Pocé sits in the middle of a unique classified park where there are majestic trees of rare varieties and the Ramberge, a river that flows through the park in waterfalls and whose currents once powered the foundry.

The wine-growing area now represents 40 hectares of AOC Touraine vines, divided into 3 main plots:

  • Le Grand Clos 
  • La Roche Fleurie
  •  Le Bodil

Additional information :
Surface area 40 hectares
Cultivated according to integrated crop management
Grape varieties Cabernet franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Gamay et Côt
Distribution 65% in France, 35% for export
Leading countries for Export England, USA, Belgium, Netherlands

The vineyard is set to be extended with hectares to be planted over the next 5 years.
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