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Le Château de la Roche

A majestic estate, formerly home to Francis I and Leonardo da Vinci...

Dating back to the 15th century, Château de la Roche towers above the south bank of the Loire, a few kilometres from Amboise, the royal town that was once home to King Francis I and his guest Leonardo da Vinci.

Built by Geoffroy de Marray, baron of the Roche-Chargé around 1470, it displays beautiful Renaissance architecture. Formerly a surveillance outpost protecting a ford over the Loire, it welcomed a great number of famous guests and artists, including the Duke of Choiseul, the Princesse des Ursins, Anatole France, Marcel Proust, Paul Cézanne and the Daudet family, who lived there up until the 1940s.

Today, it is the site of a beautiful vineyard, run by Anne Chainier, with 40 hectares divided into three main plots :

  • Le Breuil
  • Le Clos du Saules
  • Les Vignes Blanches

All of these plots border the Loire in a narrow strip of land three kilometres long. Anne Chainier also breeds purebred Selle Français horses here, including Gloria de la Roche, a big winner in international competitions. Discover the la Roche farm, a family breeding business which is the pride of the Chainier family.

Additional information:
Surface area 40 hectares
Cultivated according to integrated crop management
Grape varieties Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet franc, Gamay, Côt
Distribution 80% in France, 20% for export
Leading countries for Export England, USA, Belgium, Netherlands

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