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Roc de Châteauvieux 

Located in the municipality of Châteauvieux in the Loir-et-Cher département, the Domaine stretches over some sixty hectares of vines.

The vineyard is located on the secondary valleys of the Cher Valley, at the Eastern end of the Touraine sauvignon appellation and benefits from colder climatic conditions closer to those of the Sancerre type Centre region wine appellations.

The vines benefit from a very favourable south to southwest orientation and flint clay soil which is excellent for Sauvignons. The main plots are :

  • Clos de la Bigottière
  • La Quézardière
  • Les Bulles
  • Razay
  • Les Rondières

Additional information :
Surface Area 60 hectares 
Cultivated according to integrated crop management
Grape varieties Sauvignon, Gamay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot noir,  Côt, Pineau d’Aunis
Distribution 80% in France, 20% for export
Leading countries for Export England, USA, Belgium, Netherlands
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