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Touraine Sauvignon
cepage This Sauvignon blanc is grown on the hillsides located on the south bank of the Loire, on siliceous clay-limestone soil.
teinte Bright pale yellow in colour, revealing a complex wine on the nose of citrus fruits and very ripe fruit. Subtle and delicate on the palate.
accords This wine is excellent served as an aperitif, and will happily accompany charcuterie, seafood, grilled or smoked fish or fish in sauce, and roast poultry. Serve at 10°C. Ageing potential: 2 years.
Touraine Rosé
cepage The wine-growing area is located on the south bank of the Loire several kilometres from Amboise. This Touraine Rosé is a blend of Côt, Cabernet and Gamay.
teinte A bright colour of salmon pink with a silver tint. Subtle, delicate and very fruity on the nose, it is crisp on the palate with an exotic fruit character, then red berries. Overall it is balanced, round and has a long finish.
accords To be served chilled (10°C) with charcuterie, white meat and light cheeses. Can also accompany any summertime meal. Ageing potential: 2 years.
Touraine Gamay
cepage This 100% Gamay is grown on the hillsides on the south bank of the Loire.
teinte Intense in colour. Eloquent on the nose with hints of red berries. Smooth and fruity on the palate (aromas of cherries) with peppery notes. Long aromatic finish.
accords This wine is ideal with red meat, poultry, game and cheese. Serve at 15°C. Ageing potential: 3 years.
Touraine Gamay
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